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When booking please call early weekday mornings to discuss a possible session. I don't book over text unless we know each other well and a deposit may be required depending on how safe I feel during the screening call, I'm very sorry if this causes any inconvenienceTo secure a specific time and day 24 hours minimum notice is usually required . If you're new to me you will have to call to establish if you'll be a good fit for my service as I don't want to book someone that I don't think will truly enjoy what I have to offer. Thank you for your understanding. Only if I don't answer my phone then please send a text and I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner unless it's after hours then please try again early weekday mornings.  I appreciate you taking the time to consider my  Massage Service and I look forward to meeting with you.. Lots of Love.....Lilly James


I love what I do and do it with skill so please before booking and spending your hard earned money with any  massage or escort provider including myself please do your research, google is your friend . I'm very well reviewed google Lilly James massage Kelowna reviews  and base your decision to see me or any provider  on well informed research not just hot or sexy photos you'll thank me later


                                             *  DONATION/RATES  *

  • 35 Minutes $150.00  ($50.00   Deposit May Be Required )

  • FOR New & Occasional clients

  • 65 Minutes $200.00  ( $100.00 Deposit May Be Required)

  • New Clients & Occasional clients Depending On Your Booking History

  • 65 Minutes $200.00 (No Deposit) occasional Clients with excellent booking record meaning on time never cancels without notice ect...

  • 65 Minutes $180.00 (No Deposit) Regular clients weekly or monthly on an ongoing basis 

  • 90 Minutes for approved returning clients only $280

  • new add on ** Enjoy a jetted bubble bath to finish off my epic session +$70.00


 * Hours/Days/Times can vary from week to week*

    Monday To Friday  8am-4pm No Evenings Or Weekends

    Please call (250)-317-4315 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

    Located In Beautiful VERNON


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