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1. Make sure you read her ad and or website thoroughly before contacting your service provider as most answers to questions and services are answered there because you might turn her off if you haven't taken the time to get to know her a little before contacting her.

​2. Be clean,well-mannered and respectful of your providers boundaries if you do this you'll probably get the best service you've ever experienced.

​3. When contacting your provider it may take a few times to get a response be patient she might be busy. If she says to call for information don't text because if you do you might not get a warm response, great providers like to talk to someone to get a feel of your personality to make sure your both a good fit for each other they don't want you to waste your time and money with someone your not compatible with.

​4. Be on time because you've made it through her screening process and she gave you a booking so if your late odds are your session will seem rushed and time cut short as most providers won't be able to make up the time you were late so please respect your providers time.

​5. When meeting a new provider don't ask for more than she offers or try and push the boundaries as you'll probably not get the session you deserve as you might turn your provider off and she might not be as attentive to your needs.

6. Do ask respectful questions on the phone or before your session starts it helps to know exactly what your in for from your provider and saves yourself from any unrealistic expectations or disappointment and please remember your not going to click with everyone sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right fit for yourself.

​7. When seeing a new service provider absolutely don't bash or shame other providers you've seen,in most cases if you do this, her walls will go up and you probably won't get the warm reception during your session you were hoping for. were all human and we don't click with everyone. You can say you've seen other providers but don't go into great detail or mention names your provider might know them and depending on the provider you might get yourself blacklisted so be cautious.

8. Watch out for a service provider going out of her way to bash other providers it's very unprofessional and shows low character. It's best to avoid this type of provider and not allow yourself to be pulled into her drama so your able to have the best experience possible .  

​9. Building rapport with a service provider takes time and more than one visit but taking the time to build that relationship  over regular visits to the same provider is usually well rewarded because of that loyalty and effort. So just Lay back, Relax & Have Fun if you go in with no expectations you'll probably leave having experienced the best time of your life..period!


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